Oh, the bad boys. These veterans of the wars against Napoleon are enough to set any woman’s heart aflutter. If you yearn for stern alpha males waiting for the one woman who can melt their frozen hearts, then unfurl your fan and give them a try!

Taming His Scandalous Countess (Book 1)

Barred from society because of the scandalous death of her husband, Isabelle is a virtual prisoner in her brother’s house. A chance encounter with Julian Beaufort, the rakish Earl of Snow, leads to the offer of a marriage of convenience.

Educating His Elinor (Book 2)

Major Caine Winter is a war hero, the squire of Winterhill, and, quite possibly, the rudest man in England. Elinor, now a woman grown, has returned home to Winterhill, spurning a season in London.

Mastering His Marquise (Book 3)

Frost buried his heart ten years ago, along with the beautiful Angeline, a French spy who was betrayed and killed by the enemy.

Discipline and Diana (Book 4)

Beautiful Diana Sinclair can’t seem to land a husband, despite her best efforts. Her lack of a dowry isn’t helping. After Diana is jilted by her wealthy fiancé, her formidable mother, Lady Iverly, is running out of patience.