The Reluctant Mistress

Cast out by her family when she loses her innocence, Charlotte Merrow is forced to accept a position as a governess in an isolated house on the edge of Dartmoor. She is resigned to a lonely life, until she meets her new employer.

Simon, Lord Herleston, leads a life burdened with all the responsibilities of his position. But everything changes the moment he looks into Charlotte’s beautiful eyes. His newgoverness captivates him. Simon wants her over his knee, and in his bed. Pity she won’t consent to become his mistress.

Charlotte struggles not to submit to Simon’s lures. If only he wasn’t so handsome and so commanding. If only her body didn’t call her to sin. For Simon is determined to have Charlotte—and he’ll do anything to make that happen.

But when shadows from his past threaten everything he loves, Simon must fight to protect his family’s future, even if it means giving Charlotte up—forever.