The Captain's Virgin

Lovely Perdita Rayne is a virgin and a soothsayer—and it’s causing problems. Cast adrift at the treacherous French court of the young Louis XIV, Perdita is circled by powerful men, each intent on claiming her. Besides Louis, there’s Lord Sebastian of the Perilous Court, and his master, Gaheris, the Dark King of the Fae. And then there’s the handsome Highlander, Captain Gilmore, who wants to command her obedience.

Captain Iain Gilmore is a Guardian, sworn to protect the mortal world from the Fae. One look at Perdita, and Iain would do anything to help her. If that means putting Perdita over his knee to keep her out of trouble, so be it.

Perdita can’t help yearning for her captain’s touch. But can she trust Iain, when he seems to want both her body and her power?

When Perdita is betrayed to the Perilous Court, Iain will risk his life and even his soul to save her. And Perdita must accept her destiny if she wants to survive.