Taming His Scandalous Countess Viola Morne

Barred from society because of the scandalous death of her husband, Isabelle is a virtual prisoner in her brother’s house. A chance encounter with Julian Beaufort, the rakish Earl of Snow, leads to the offer of a marriage of convenience. He will grant her security and respectability, in return for his rights to Isabelle’s body. She will be his, whenever and however he wants her.

Lord Snow is determined to possess his new wife, whatever it takes. The enticing wench is a siren in his bed and a vixen out of it. When Snow takes her over his knee, her response is gratifying. Isabelle needs his hand, and the strap, and the cane. Perversely, that’s not enough. Lord Snow wants more…

Isabelle thinks she has finally found happiness. Her husband offers her the life she dreamed of. But the shadows of the past Isabelle can’t remember are gathering. Snow has demons of his own and the nightmares to prove it.

Isabelle longs to surrender, but she dare not trust him. Snow’s hunger for her can’t be quenched, yet he vows not to love her. Crisis looms as these two wounded souls try to find their way to each other. When Isabelle’s life is threatened, Snow decides he will risk anything to save her, even his heart.