Tamed by the Wolf

After she is viciously attacked and driven from her pack by a hateful, vindictive female wolf, Clara Sorenson moves to upstate New York to start over. But as she settles in to her new life and her new pack, Clara encounters a brand-new problem. That problem is named Brock Hunter.

Though he is ruggedly handsome, ridiculously sexy, and more than ready to spank Clara into submission and then take her so hard and thoroughly she is left breathless and quivering with pleasure, Brock’s painful past still haunts him. But when rivals from her old pack put Clara in danger, Brock does what he must to protect her, marking her and claiming her as his mate.

Clara quickly discovers that Brock will demand her obedience and will not hesitate to punish her in the most shameful ways imaginable if her behavior makes it necessary. His stern dominance arouses her intensely, but even as he masters her beautiful body more completely with each passing day, can he also keep his feisty mate safe from the enemies who still stalk her?