Saving Miss Grace


They tell me I’m the new Baron Bladewell, with land and estates and buckets of money. Only problem is, I’m a cowboy. My cousin Colt Whitehorse and I drift from town to town, taking any odd jobs we find. I ain’t prepared to go to England and be some fancy dude in a suit. But Colt tells me I have to, that folks are depending on me, so I’ll go. London won’t know what hit it.


Jack’s always been reckless, and that temper of his is bound to get him into trouble one day. So, I’ll go to England with him and help him sort things out. It’ll be nice for Jack to belong somewhere. As for me, I’ll keep looking. Maybe one day, I’ll find the woman I’ve been dreaming of, the one I can trust with my heart and soul.


I’m completely fed up, living with a cousin who treats me like a servant – or worse. If I can’t get out of this house, Lord Merden will take me to his bed, no matter how unwilling I am. I don’t want to live in the shadows anymore, depending on people who hurt and betray me. I want a new life, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get it.