Discipline and Diana Viola Morne

Redemption is a common theme in most of my stories. It’s a trope that endlessly entices. My latest book, Discipline and Diana, explores this in a different way.

Lady Diana Sinclair was a minor character in two other books in the Cold Hearts series. In the second book, Educating Elinor, Diana was the beautiful but nasty girl who was after Elinor’s Major Winter. In book number three, Mastering His Marquise, the hero, Leighton Frost, asked Diana to marry him to spite the woman he really loved (yes, Frost was a real bastard!). He ends up jilting Diana, who is presented as a fortunate-hunting chit with a tendency to simper. Poor Diana. I couldn’t help wondering afterward why Diana acted the way she did. And, as ideas do, this one kept percolating until I had to tell her story.

Diana turned out to be a sweet, loving girl with a horrible mother who trained her how to act in public in order to land a husband. The world believes she is a lovely idiot. Only one man, Declan Ralston, sees beneath the surface, to the vibrant woman Diana yearns to be. Irish-born Declan is the bastard son of an English marquess. He served with Wellington during the Peninsular War, and now runs his own business as a security expert, nineteenth-century style. This book is their love story. I hope readers love Diana as much as I discovered I did!