Ravishing Minerva Viola Morne

The thrilling conclusion to the Marriage Broker series. Minerva Pringle, marriage broker and agent for the Crown, is on the run. The husband she left behind in Canada has returned to London as the new Duke of Ertham, intent on reclaiming his wife. The duke needs an heir, even if Minerva is unwilling. Minerva flees across the ocean to the only man she knows who can keep her safe—her foster brother, Oliver.

Oliver is a warrior, half-Algonquin and half-French, who has loved Minerva for most of his life—a secret that she never guessed. Oliver would do anything for Minerva, including murder, if he knew she was in danger. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Minerva reaches the New World, only to find that peril has followed her across the sea. Is it her husband or has an old adversary returned? The wily Horus St. George is a killer without remorse, blaming Minerva and Oliver for his past failures. Minerva and Oliver join forces to fight all comers, but this time it’s different. Their mutual danger has lit a spark of attraction that threatens to burn out of control. Minerva once vowed to never again let a man master her. But when that man is Oliver, whom she has loved since childhood, and whose body suddenly incites unquenchable desires, what’s a girl to do?

Oliver’s patience has run out. Minerva is his—not even her husband will stand in his way. He will fight to protect her and then Oliver will claim Minerva forever, in his heart and in his bed. That is, if they both manage to survive…