How to Rescue Rapunzel

How to Rescue Rapunzel, the second book in The Marriage Broker series, is being released this week. This is the second book in the series, which are inspired by fairy tales with a Gothic twist—and lots of naughtiness.

The heroine is Angelica, Lady Saxon, a widow imprisoned in a lunatic asylum by her unscrupulous brother-in-law in order to gain control of her fortune.

Thor Ericson, an intrepid young archaeologist, is the hero. He rescues Angelica from the asylum, in exchange for her hand in marriage—and access to her fortune. Thor’s dream is to find a lost Egyptian tomb, and the pair travel down the Nile in search of treasure.

A large part of the story is thus set in Egypt, and the research was intense. You see, in the first book of the series, I had introduced briefly the character of Thor Ericson when he was mentioned by Freya, the heroine of How to Marry A Beast. Mrs.Pringle, the marriage broker, selects Thor as the ideal match for Angelica. I didn’t realize how much work I was getting myself into—but I loved it. The research varied from trips to the library, scouring the internet, visiting YouTube, consulting maps, and checking just how long it takes to sail from Rosetta to Cairo, and reading, reading, reading.

The problem was that my time period—1812—was just at the beginning of the European interest in Egyptian monuments—barring Napoleon and his expedition and a few curious explorers. That was a challenge all in itself. The term “archaeologist” wasn’t used at the time, I know, but it seemed easier to call my hero by that title than over-explain it hadn’t been created yet. I do make referrals to antiquarians and scholars, but archaeology is such a well-understood term, that I erred on the side of clarity, not accuracy.

I wanted my hero to be someone different, definitely a hot alpha male, but with a twist. Thor has no experience with Angelica’s world of pain and pleasure, but he wants to make her happy. Together, they embark on a remarkable journey. Their travels to Egypt in search of Thor’s lost tomb, is also a journey to love, and, finally, understanding.