I love fantasy, it’s one of my favorite genres. Add history and romance, and I’m there. So, when I worked on my latest book, The Captain’s Virgin, all these elements came into play. I blame all the great YA fantasy out there which keeps the fires of fantasy stoked in my imagination. Of course, my own stories are much more naughty.

The first version of The Captain’s Virgin began a few years back, when I imagined the heroine’s adventure as a straight-up historical romance. But the story didn’t work. My heroine, who was named Damaris in the first draft, refused to do anything but draw and pout. I couldn’t bring her  to life; I could barely move her off her delightful behind.Meanwhile, I had written another story with Lorcan, the warrior of the Obsidian Court, who plays a secondary role in The Captain’s Virgin, as the hero. This was a fantasy romance, with lots of adventure, that I wasn’t quite satisfied with either.

How many stories, outlines, and scribbled bit of paper litter the desks and files of every writer? A garden of lost ideas, some of which keep growing in the imagination, regardless.
Anyhow, the idea came to me to mix these two story ideas together into a brand new recipe: one part fantasy, one part history, and a whole lot of romance. Add an alpha hero, a heroine with a hidden destiny, assorted villains, and the completely delicious Dark King, Gaheris, to complete a new book with its own mythology.

The following short excerpt describes when Perdita meets Gaheris, ruler of the Perilous Court:
Finally, she looked up to meet the Dark King’s gaze. If Iain’s appearance held the golden warmth of day, then this man embodied all the beauty of the night. His hair, the black of crow feathers, with the same hint of blue, fell over his wide shoulders, his brow encircled with a tiara wrought from silver with a blue gem in the center. He was dressed in black velvet doublet, with leggings of the same fabric molding his long, lean legs. His eyes were strange, almost cat-like in shape, and colored the silver of perilous seas. His brows arched above them, rising steeply towards his hairline. His cheekbones were sharp under his white skin, his lips beautifully sculpted beneath a long, straight nose. His was not a mortal beauty, and it terrified her.

Hopefully, the Dark King will continue to appear in the other books I’ve planned for this series. He may even get his own story. As for Lorcan, stay tuned to find out how he finds his own happy ending. Happy reading!