Age-play, Romance and Me

Little Duchess Alice









Age-play is naughty—in the best sense of the word. It veers away from mainstream romance and right over the edge, into the realm of things forbidden…no wonder it’s so fun to write!

My latest age-play romance, Little Duchess Alice, includes a love triangle with the heroine Alice and two exciting men, who both care for her and discipline her. Ah, discipline, the other side of the age-play coin. Spanking romances are such a natural marriage with age-play, the stern but sexy daddy figure dealing out punishment and pleasure with one strong hand. And, erotic spanking has long been a staple of romance.

I have to admit to having ambivalent feelings before I attempted my first age-play book, The Marquis’ Runaway Miss. The subject brings up so many questions: what do I find appealing about age-play? What won’t I write? My stories in this genre tend to be categorized as mild age-play, which is a comfortable fit for me. And, lastly, why do so many people like it?

For me, what appeals is the idea of a strong, powerful man, who will shield his little girl from the storms and sorrows of everyday life. Women nowadays are busy and stressed, torn between a multitude of duties and responsibilities, so to have someone else shouldering their burdens is downright intoxicating.

If my alpha hero happens to be a gorgeous and wealthy man, with the sexual prowess of a love god, well, who wouldn’t want that?

So, enjoy the fantasy and, for a brief period of time, forget about jobs, volunteering, kids, in-laws and husbands, and sink into a world where your every wicked and delicious fantasy really can come true.