Visit the Women’s World Cup Mexico 2019 Media Day at FIFA Soccer Hall of Fame Museum

Media Day at the Mexico Soccer Association Hall of Fame Museum

CNN en Español’s annual Media Day took place on Thursday, December 6, as part of the Los Angeles leg of the network’s FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 on the Net, bringing a global level of connectivity to the event, which begins with the All-Star Match at 7 pm PT. Professional soccer players set the stage for coverage, capturing the energy of the moment. As for the hosts, Sara Sidner and Jorge Ramos, the successful duo is in their third year on the job, participating in the network’s international streaming coverage of the tournament. During the show, the hosts go through each match leading up to the Final on Sunday, July 7, at 12 pm PT.

Celebrating the network’s five years in the Network One Sports family and Mexico’s first major women’s World Cup tournament, the hosts gave viewers a taste of what to expect: the journey of the players as they prepare to represent their country, the fans’ excitement of new stars and the loudest cheers that can be heard throughout the stadium.

“CNN en Español is not the same network we knew five years ago, we are different and we get a glimpse of the change as we go through FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019,” said Zurita Mista, Vice President of News and Sports at CNN en Español. “For us, this has always been a special project that allows us to bring our expertise and be a significant part of the story unfolding in France.”

The team will be covering each match and the headlines surrounding the sport as part of its all-court coverage that will also include behind-the-scenes stories and features on local soccer culture. Coverage on the air will include studio segments anchored by Mista with on-site reports by Sidner and Ramos along with anchor Julio Cesar Orozco del Sol who will also serve as CNN en Español’s on-site reporter at the All-Star Match.

FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 on the Net starts on December 6, 2018 at 7 pm PT (4 pm ET) and provides a five-day live streaming schedule. The coverage kicks off with three matches with one match airing every day and providing 10-minute highlights packages around the hour at 11 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Every match will be followed by a two-hour nightly news recap hosted by Basem Boshra and John Moore at 11 pm ET on Thursdays, and subsequent editions of the show will feature segments anchored by Mista, Elias Gil, and Jose Martínez at 12 pm on Fridays.

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