Spice up those leftover pumpkin pie cups with winter holiday side dishes

Try it at home: Season roasts with the sauce of your choice. If you opt for the basic salt pork recipe, you can also shave some pepper over the top. Vegetables or fish are great choices for their sweet and savory sides. If you plan to make this dish in bulk, you can just add in additional ingredients as you see fit. If you’re keen to get a little experimental, try using peeled cloves instead of the traditional peeled chips. Now that you know what you’re doing, let’s talk spice recipes.

You know you have to put a bit of garam masala in this dish to make it work, but what about turmeric? And cumin? Must coconut be involved? For starters, you can swap out the cumin for an equal amount of crushed red pepper flakes. Or, if you’re not into garam masala, you can just use regular curry powder to give the dish a very Indian flavor. What I like to do is add a little more garam masala by adding ground black pepper (or cayenne pepper, or more black pepper flakes), some cumin seeds, and a pinch of salt to the mix.

Spice Up

Another way to spice up this dish is to include ginger and lemongrass (more if you want it really fresh and flavorful), which is a simple way to transform any dish into a spicier feast.

Add in the Perfect Coating

If you don’t already have some curry powder on hand, you can order it online. Or, if you’re going to have to be choosy and pick a specific brand, this combination of spices is ideal.

This is one of the best ingredients on your plate right now. Even if you’re not a meat-eater, you’ll find the addition of this spice ingredient and its accompanying sauce to be a great addition to your guests’ plates.

Serve it with Rice or Rice Pudding

To add a bit of something salty and savory to your taste buds while you watch the holiday specials (which we haven’t seen yet), I recommend letting people sip their flavorful potted rice wine before opening the meal.

Feeling Pleasant and Together

Curry dinner isn’t just for the holidays; it’s also a great excuse to help others. I call it a happy meal. You can mix things up with some extra flavor if you’re pairing it with dishes like creamy rice pudding.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Festivus!

Next time, we’ll take a look at some high-spirited Thanksgiving side dishes, including my holiday favorite, kale Caesar salad.

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