Russia’s growing power, new media landscape explained

By channel, Russia is the fifth most visited, with some 140 million visits per month.

Countries with significant Russian emigration have an especially high concentration of net media

Ranked #34 in the world, the number of mediums has increased from five to 30 since 2007.

Turkey is the most visited country for journalists, followed by India, Egypt, Brazil and Mexico.

Russia is generally known as a media society – with the internet, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

In 2017, there were just over 63 million interactions in Russia on social media, of which people spend over 8 hours on Facebook.

A new CNN story produced in partnership with the Knight Foundation shows how Russia is reshaping the media landscape to make it increasingly competitive. With a year-long investigation by CNN and partners, look to ‘Watch’ for more insight.The video, written by Cara Falchi and Grace Kretschmer, tells the story of how a rapidly growing middle class, which is itself reshaping the country, is driving the emergence of a new media culture that is both beholden to Russia and playing a key role in the country’s direction.In our broadcast and print coverage of protests across Russia, journalist John Schwartz and his team expose the violent response of the police and people in charge of the protests. Along with significant witnesses to these incidents, CNN’s John Shiffman says he documented “shocking actions on both sides.”

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