‘Room’ the Musical to Hold its Unofficial Canadian Premiere in Toronto

Playwright Eve Ensler, “Wicked” writer Winnie Holzman and the production’s artistic director, Patrick Spence, are hoping “room” will be a winning ticket in Toronto.

The hit Broadway musical about a woman who flees her house in poverty during a pandemic, “Room,” is set to make its North American premiere in Toronto in February. As the production prepares to go on sale for real this month, ticket prices start at $85, making it nearly $40 more expensive than the best seats at “Wicked,” which are currently priced at $94.

“I’m much more of a ‘glass half full’ person,” Ensler told the New York Post. “We need spaces. I absolutely believe that if we have a space where women can come together and dare to be together in a safe way — it’s kind of like climate change. If we had a safe space, I think we could begin to change that.”

A first-ever winter run in Boston and a British tour are already under way as well.

The Canadian run is scheduled to start on Feb. 26 at the Royal Alexandra Theatre and is scheduled to run until July 28, 2020.

The announcement comes after it was revealed in May the production was initially set to close in London. While it was unclear at the time if the show would be affected by the worldwide flu outbreak in May, it was announced the date was changed to Jan. 11.

And while the production’s lack of a guaranteed future has not dampened enthusiasm among the cast, it’s also a concern that some may experience, despite financial success on Broadway, where the show grossed an estimated $500,000 last week, far outstripping its original run.

“We’re terrified,” Ensler admitted. “There’s always a risk that the reason you’re coming to see it isn’t because you want to see it – it’s because you’re desperate. The ache we experience is so elemental.”

You can read more about “Room” here.

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