Rebel Wilson: Losing weight gave me ‘higher value’

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Rebel Wilson says her weight has always been an issue, and that her decision to lose weight back in 2015 gave her a “higher value” and helped her attract more roles.

Appearing on the UK chat show “Loose Women” alongside Chrissy Teigen and writer and producer Janine Sherman Barrois, the “Pitch Perfect” actress said that there had been “pushback” from her manager over the dramatic change in shape.

“It was a big pushback at the beginning,” Wilson revealed. “I am 6’1″ and 100 lbs at the time. I was 17. I’m 5’1”. It was a lot to do with me fitting into dresses and feeling confident.

“I was growing at the time and it went against a lot of the things they thought I should be doing and try to suppress. It just felt more important for me to be healthy.”

In the interview with “Loose Women,” Wilson — whose appearance comes just days after launching her first fitness book, Super Fit Me — said she had been looking to see whether other celebrities she had worked with had weighed in.

“The first thing I did after signing with a new agency was I Googled ‘skinny celebrity’ just to see if there was any other people like me, like me being small. I was like ‘Yep there is.”

Still, Wilson said she felt she was able to work out what was happening with her weight

“At my height I’m naturally little and small and from doing yoga, Pilates and running and lots of dieting, and pretty much eating everything in moderation.

‘It’s what I do’

“By the time I started to have these opportunities in the public eye and trying to fit into tight dresses, and wanting to be fit, I was like “I’m going to do what I do.”

“And it worked out. I’ve kept it.”

Wilson, who said she’d “sort of been on a dieting thing” since the age of 12, went on to say that there would be times when she would find it difficult to stay in shape.

“It’s hard to tell everyone how to eat and I have chefs in Los Angeles in my house so I can cook them amazing food.

“I have a gym in my house, so I can keep fit and healthy — but just at different times of the day. When you’re in between jobs it’s a struggle.”

She added that she planned to expand her brand “over the coming years” and that her fitness business was “a great platform to start a program that can help so many people.”

“I’m really interested in getting people on an active, healthy lifestyle.”

Earlier this year, Wilson, who has appeared in films including “Pitch Perfect 2,” was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people.

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