Inside the Mayhem at This Year’s May Day Parade

Lucas Lima, CEO of Newmark Partners, the largest private real estate brokerage in the world, never thought he’d watch the May Day Parade from the pole of the giant automaton next to his hotel room.

“It was such a strange, surreal experience,” said Lima, whose contingent stayed at the Metro Hilton.

Of course, he’s not the only one. Jennifer “J. Lo” Lopez and onetime boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, were celebrated celebrities—and Cub Scout leaders—at this year’s parade, which steps off at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday (May 1). You can catch it on CPTV.

Columbus Short, meanwhile, tried to keep his cool as he waited for the May Day celebration to start, with himself clearly in charge of the proceedings.

“This is probably the biggest event that we do all year,” he said from behind a sign advertising his team’s truck dealership, which we just happen to think might be the best in Metro-Park.

Up first: a man with a nametag that read “Supreme Officer, National Black Police Officers Association,” and the music from Beyond the Walls.

But still, the weather outside was indeed frightful, and Short spent more time examining his cellphone than chatting with us.

“I’ve been overwhelmed with answering [questions],” he conceded.

Fourteen months ago, one who was supposed to wear those vests was also allegedly murdered. Christopher Stewart was shot outside his parent’s Bel Air condominium in September 2017, for what the police believe was something completely unrelated to his job as a police constable in Hialeah, Fla. His ex-fiancee and Stewart’s former girlfriend Keisha Campbell turned herself in to police the day after he was killed, and he died the day after her arrest.

We do know this, however: When you hear Campbell’s name in the interview with Short, she speaks in a voice that’s nearly apologetic. We also know this: The heavily tattooed Stewart was more security than cop, and both in the interview and in short bursts later, Campbell speaks in an almost disinterested tone when talking about Stewart, who once allegedly tried to make her his wife, on their wedding day.

Or was it? Maybe…

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