Go forth and multiply! Stunning Slovenian orphanage

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Zserbina has been at the orphanage for four years

Rovinja Babrić says she was greeted with shock the day she took her first look at the baby dragon she is raising.

“I saw a cute baby and thought, I have to take care of this.”

Zserbina, now three, is one of some eight-ten tiny animals at a Slovenian orphanage where she is happily growing into a woman.

The orphanage is one of a network of centres across the southern European country, and it is a good example of the ways in which humans and nature co-exist.

Many of the young creatures, which are about three to four months old, live with volunteers at the Chvala Play Farm.

Zserbina has been at the centre in Kavarna – about 40 miles (65km) from Zagreb – for the past four years.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The animals are cared for by humans

With work going on around the clock, the babies are always being fed, taught to drink in order to regulate their body temperature, played with and checked for health issues.

Photojournalist Zjappa Kovac travelled to Slovenia to help highlight the work of the Lupa protectorate.

After meeting baby tiger Knox and a newborn princess python, Zjappa describes the work the elephants do to keep snakes out.

There are also kung fu pupils and classical musicians and Buddhist monks.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Zserbina gets to pet one of the regular lizards

Photojournalist Radik Drimeš took pictures at the Chvala Play Farm. He says it is no wonder that the facility’s aim is to “build a forest” for the small mammals.

Here is what else you may have missed about the inner beauty of Slovenia.

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