Canada warns of storm-whipped flooding amid extreme weather

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Tough weather conditions hit the British Columbia coast Friday, prompting authorities to issue the region’s first weather “red alert” in 25 years.

The alert — which occurs when a province is expected to experience flooding, strong winds or exceptional rainfall — came amid unusually high levels on the West Coast.

“The cooler ocean waters of the Gulf of Alaska are causing high seas with dangerous surf conditions,” said a statement from Environment Canada.

High waves have been smashing against the shore of Nanaimo, British Columbia. CNN

A tsunami warning for the waters off British Columbia has been cancelled, but a red alert is still in place for the Haida Gwaii islands of Haida Gwaii, a Canadian archipelago.

“High seas, dangerous surf and large breaking waves are causing flooding to some areas,” said the agency.

It added that extreme marine weather warnings, meaning more than 15 cm (6 inches) is expected, have been issued for northern Vancouver Island and southern coast of British Columbia.

A spokesman from the Canada Border Services Agency told CNN that vessels traveling along the Canadian coast were warned to alert authorities and “if the vessel encounters a hazard, immediately seek shelter and call for assistance.”

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